Busting Polo Myths

Feb 19, 2024By Naveed Gill
Naveed Gill
Polo ponies being led on classical Argentine head collars and lead ropes
Polo Ponies

Myth 1:Polo is Expensive - Debunked!

Polo, much like Golf, Tennis, or other equestrian disciplines such as Showjumping, Dressage, or Western riding, offers a range of cost options tailored to your preferences.

Comparable Monthly Costs to Dressage and Showjumping

The monthly expenses for Dressage and Showjumping operations align closely with those of Polo. While initial investments in a dressage horse or showjumper cover stabling, feed, farrier, vet fees, lesson fees, and riding club memberships, polo lessons offer a similar cost structure. One notable advantage of polo lessons is the absence of the need to purchase a personal polo pony, thereby eliminating additional vet and farrier expenses.

Potential Cost Savings with Personal Pony Ownership

Over time, individuals may opt to invest in their own pony. This decision can lead to reduced polo lesson fees, although the overall cost may remain consistent.

Enhanced Maintenance Standards of Club Polo Horses

Based on my experience, club polo horses often receive superior care compared to school horses used for showjumping. School polo ponies are particularly well cared for, ensuring a high standard of training and welfare.

Myth 2: Riding Experience Not Required

Contrary to popular belief, prior riding experience is not a prerequisite for starting polo. Polo ponies are extensively trained, responding effortlessly to simple cues. Approximately 90% of individuals I've trained in the Czech Republic lacked previous riding experience, enabling them to learn polo without the need to unlearn any 'bad habits' or 'previous riding styles.'

Myth 3: Polo Isn't Just for the Elite

Similar to any other sport, polo boasts a diverse player base. Many players start at the bottom of the pyramid, either for enjoyment or to hone their skills and raise their handicaps. The availability of various clubs, ranging from casual to prestigious, caters to different preferences and aspirations.

Personalize Your Polo Experience

Ultimately, whether polo becomes a lifestyle choice depends on individual preferences and comfort levels. Whether you prefer a laid-back atmosphere or aspire to a more prestigious setting, there's a polo club suited to your needs.

Naveed Gill Founder of Modern day Polo in the Czech Republic and is also the President of the Czech Polo Association, Polo Instructor, Player, and Event Organizer at GILL POLO

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