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Czech Polo is GILL POLO - the original Prague Polo Club - founded 2008 offers a wide range of polo training.
GILL POLO provides you a personalised polo training program to get you playing quickly even if you've never played or even ridden before.
Whether you're looking to improve your game, just have fun or both, GILL POLO is your go-to destination.

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About Us

GILL POLO is about the passion for polo turned into reality.

Naveed Gill former CEO of Tiscali Czech Republic (2000-2007) decided to found and develop Polo as one of the top equestrian activities in the Czech Republic.


Gill is the founder of modern-day Czech polo. He founded the original Prague Polo Club  - in 2008, which was renamed GILL POLO CLUB.

Naveed Gill is colloquially known as the Father of Czech Polo or the Founder of Czech Polo

It is the only polo club in the Czech Republic where you simply come and learn to play without having to buy a polo pony first.

With the advent of a growing interest in Polo both from prospective players and companies seeking to provide a new backdrop to their clients and products GILL POLO seeks to provide new opportunities for companies and their clients.

GILL POLO CLUB z.s. is registered with Czech Ministry of the Interior - ID Number 26576287

GILL POLO is a friendly and welcoming club. We strive to create a comfortable atmosphere in which members can learn and have fun. So, if you're looking for a quality Polo Club in the Czech Republic within 30 minutes of Prague look no further than GILL POLO!